Case Studies

Flexible Brand Case Study: Jessica Dolce

“Helping animal care folks be well, while they do good.”


Jessica Dolce is an educator and coach who helps animal care professionals and organizations reduce compassion fatigue and embrace self-care by working on their awareness, boundaries, and connection. She runs online classes and in-person workshops where she teaches her people how to nurture their own strength, resilience, and compassionate badassery.

Her work is all about helping the helpers so they can continue to do the meaningful work they love. She creates spaces where they feel loved and understood and have full permission to be their complete selves.

Jessica wanted a flexible brand that could encompass the nuance of her work in the world. Even though she deals with heavy topics, she likes to bring playfulness and humor into an otherwise corporate and wellness brand dominated industry.

She needed an updated look that could both grow with her as she overhauls her offerings and also communicate the special sauce that draws all the right people to her. Something that felt both professional and a little bit rebellious with a hint of playful quirk.

Knowing all this, we let all the vintage things Jessica feels drawn to inspire the visual direction. Old black and white photos of anything-but-stuffy people felt especially resonant for their unexpected fun and the way they effortlessly challenge the norm and delight. 

Paired with colors inspired by vintage Pyrex bowl collections and a hint of gritty texture, we had a solid direction.

Jessica’s logo came about from a bit of collaborative magic. After spending some time with the logo options I sent her, Jessica took things into her own hands and came up with an amalgamation that felt perfect to the both of us. I took her rough draft and polished it into the finished logo below.

For her color palette, Jessica let me know that she just loves how red and blue look together and that she wanted to play with incorporating lots of color onto type on a black background. Using the Pyrex bowl images as reference, I pulled a collection of colors that are both bright and desaturated in that vintagey way.

Last, I set her up with a super simple font that leaves lots of room for play and gives her a way to anchor all the fun she brings to her materials. I also gave her a list of extra hand-lettered fonts that can flow well with the rest of her look in case she wants more personality in her type.

In the end, I set Jessica up with the tools she needed plus a simple little guidebook to help her make the most of her new brand design. I’m already loving how she’s using it to update her website!


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