Case Studies

Flexible Brand Case Study: Lyndsey Medford

Helping creatives and do-gooders integrate their whole selves to live a life of joy.


Lyndsey Medford is a writer, speaker, and gatherer of people on a mission to help justice-seekers live wholeheartedly by being more present, more grounded, and more themselves… a practice which she calls finding the art in a life of love.

Her work focuses on sparking honest, challenging conversations around race, sexuality, faith and politics in an environment of grace and nurturing that allows her people to confront reality and integrate their whole lives.

Lyndsey wanted a flexible brand that would reflect her and her work and help tie her visuals together so that she could confidently move forward with her website design and social media presence.

Lyndey’s brand is all about connection and kinship, living wide awake and challenging ourselves and others with a spirit of grace. It’s about holding space for hard conversations in a nurturing, gracious, and truly honest way.

With this in mind, we chose a visual direction that felt cozy (like sitting in big comfortable chairs with a cup of tea in someone’s study), adventurous (like lacing up your hiking boots and taking a big whiff of crisp spring air as you step out your door), and a little bit traditional (like choosing a paper book over an e-reader or tending a garden or learning about herbs).

We soon found out we are both fans of The Hobbit and tapped into that for inspiration.

For her logo, I used a serif font with a bit of whimsy. The quirks are all in the tiny details and almost imperceptible, striking the right balance between adventure, joy, approachability and coziness, tradition, seriousness.

Next, I chose a set of colors for her visual world. She was already using tons of earth tones, so I narrowed in on those to make it easier for her to create cohesion in all her graphics. In the middle of this process, Lyndsey had new headshots taken and as soon as I saw them, I knew we also had to incorporate some brighter accents too.

Lastly, I chose a set of fonts that would work well with her logo and colors and help balance things a bit more.

At the end, Lyndsey was all set up with the tools she needed plus a simple little guidebook to help her make the most of her new brand design. I can’t wait to see how it grows and evolves with her!


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