The 5 Best Google Fonts for your Website

Fonts are kind of the underdog of web design. Most of us pay plenty of attention to our logo and header fonts. But when it comes to our paragraph font, the font that the bulk of our content is going to show up in, we stick with the default.


We pay way more attention to our logos, color palettes, and the photos on our websites, and it makes sense. You logo represents your whole brand, colors naturally draw your attention, and photos are really good at getting attention. Text, and the fonts it’s rendered in, tend to take a secondary role and can even start to fade into the background.


But the right font can do so much for your brand and business!


Fonts may be more subtle than color and images, but that doesn’t mean they’re not powerful in their own right. Every font has a mood, tone, and style just on its own. And choosing the right one for your brand can help you create a cohesive and seamless feel that draws your dream people.


I know there are a ton of fonts out there and that can make even the thought of looking for a new one completely overwhelming. And that’s why I put this list together! Find your current headline style and see which of the recommended fonts will work for you. Then, head over to this post for the step-by-step instructions on how to get it on your site.

The 5 Best Google Fonts for your Website

If you have bold sans-serif headlines

Try a simple sans serif font with classic elements like Open Sans.


If you have sleek sans-serif headlines

A classic serif font like Libre Baskerville can balance things out.


If you have classic serif headlines

A friendly sans serif font like Lato is a great match.


If you have modern serif headlines

Try a modern sans serif like Roboto to keep the style going.


If you have hand-lettered or cursive headlines

Try a more traditional serif font like Source Serif.


Pro tip

Some fonts come in families that include two or more styles in a variety of weights. They’re designed to work together, so there’s really no guessing about whether or not they look good next to each other. If you want to give a font family a try, here are a few to consider:

The 5 Best Google Font Families for your Website

  1. Source Sans Pro in bold for headers + Source Serif Pro in all caps for subheaders and regular for body text.
  2. Quattrocento in all caps for headers + Quattrocento Sans in bold italics for subheaders and regular for body text.
  3. Roboto Slab for headers + Roboto in medium all caps for subheaders and regular for body text.



Finding the perfect fonts can feel tricky. I hope this post helps you narrow in on some options and shave an hour or two off your font search.


Still not sure which font is right for you?


Share a link to your website below and I’ll give you some feedback. I’d love to help!

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