Case Study: Baby Fox & Co.

When Cherish of Baby Fox & Co. approached me for branding help, all she had were some rough product sketches and a big idea. She wanted to start her business off on a strong note so she could attract her ideal client from day one. I was thrilled to help her mold her brand from the very beginning and get her off to a good start.


Defining the Brand

Baby Fox & Co. is a small clothing company that offers crunchy moms and dads stylish hand-printed t-shirts that express their lifestyle and parenting beliefs. They want to change the world by helping people start conversations about natural-minded parenting and challenging common misconceptions about what it means to live holistically.


Their ideal client is an informed young mom who seeks natural alternatives for her family’s needs. She gave birth at home, breastfeeds, baby wears, and co-sleeps. Her husband is not just supportive – he takes an active part of all their parenting decisions. She is proud of their parenting and lifestyle choices and wants to share her beliefs, but without being pushy.


Most of her day is spent at home, running the show and taking care of her little ones. She lives in comfortable clothes but wants to still feel cute on those spit-up, explosive diaper, didn’t-get-to-wash-my-hair days.


She reads Ina May Gaskin books, attachment parenting blogs, and positive birth stories. She loves feeling part of the bigger crunchy mom community and stays plugged in through social media, but she also craves more real-life connections with like-minded people.


Baby Fox & Co. wants to fit in with other hand-printed clothing makers who have a modern bohemian visual style and a positive, fun outlook. They share content that shows the lifestyle around their products and makes people feel happy.


They want to stand apart from shops that create the stereotypical hippie tie-dyed shirts because that’s not a style their ideal client would wear. Baby Fox & Co. has a minimalistic style that more subtly communicates the message.


Setting a Direction

The tone words we chose for Baby Fox & Co. are “positive,” “playful,” and “earthy.” They summarize the brand’s optimistic outlook and focus on celebrating natural parenting.


I combined the brand’s tone boards to gain a broader view of the visual direction and made the first decisions on visual style. I suggested a bold logo with distinctive script typography paired with some bright pastel colors and a hand-crafted geometric pattern. These would work together connect the contemporary, stylish, fun, and earthy elements of the brand.

Baby Fox & Co Case Study Style Board: Modern Bohemian

Designing the Product

When we first spoke, Cherish had great ideas for the first batch of Baby Fox & Co. t-shirts, but she wasn’t sure how what step to take next. She handed over some rough sketches and screenshots and asked if I could make them come to life. Since the brand and visual identity were going to be built around the product, we decided to start there.

Designing the Visual Identity

With the product designed and in production, it was time to start working on the visual identity. I started with the logo, which needed to be clean and easy to scale to different sizes. I knew including a fox in the logo would make it more memorable, so I sketched out a bunch of versions to find the best one.

Baby Fox & Co Case Study Logo Sketches


I chose the fox face silhouette because it provided a bold memorable container for the Baby Fox wordmark. Its clean lines were perfect for the contemporary aesthetic that would attract her ideal client. Together with the rounded script typeface, they created a friendly and casual tone for the brand.

Baby Fox & Co Case Study Logo Design

The next step was to create a supporting pattern, select the color scheme, and choose fonts. I drew a simple hand-drawn geometric pattern to highlight the earthy tones in the brand and kept in its hand-rendered imperfections to reinforce the friendly and casual tone.


The color scheme included four hues to help show the playfulness and positivity of the brand. I went with slightly desaturated options in order to balance that with the brand’s connection to earth.


Finally, I selected a clean sans-serif typeface that came in several weights to be used for all the headlines and copy. The colors and pattern already created such a strong impression and a simpler font helped create some calm in the design pieces.

Baby Fox & Co Case Study Brand Board


Now that I had all the elements created, I could start to put them together to create the design pieces Cherish would need for a strong launch. This included her Etsy shop graphics and several printed materials. I wanted to help her keep her printing low-cost and eco-friendly, so I made designs that could be turned into stamps and put on upcycled paper.

Baby Fox & Co Case Study Etsy Graphics Design

Baby Fox & Co Case Study Print Design


The Brand Clarity process gave Cherish a clear purpose and direction for Baby Fox & Co. from the start. It helped her make decisions about where to focus her marketing efforts, how to write her emails, and where to photograph her products. The visual identity I created allowed her to launch on a strong note and create a good first impression with her ideal client.


Because you’re in the target audience of women I’m trying to reach, you get my ideas and I value your input. Thank you so much for everything! You are awesome and I know this won’t be the last time we’ll work together!!!

Cherish Giordano
Baby Fox & Co.

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