How Defining Your Ideal Client will Boost your Business

After gaining clarity about your business, the next most important step is getting clear about your ideal client. We all know it’s better to focus in on a specific audience, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a little scary to narrow in.Narrowing in naturally means excluding some potential clients, and no one wants to miss out on potential sales.


But trying to make your brand appeal to everyone only hurts your business and does your ideal client a disservice. Businesses that refuse to define an ideal client end up watering down their message, compromising on their core values, and creating a bland brand that no one really cares about. By trying to reach everyone, they end up reaching no one.


Getting specific about your ideal client can only boost your business, not hurt it. Your business and brand are already not a match made in heaven for everyone. Defining your ideal client just means getting clear about who your business is a good match for. It’s about finding the people who will benefit most from what you offer and who are excited to be a part of your story.


Defining and getting to know your ideal client will give you what you need to plug into your tribe and talk to them in a way that creates a meaningful connection. Instead of struggling to try to convert an apathetic audience, you’ll be able to tap into a group of people who are already passionate about what you do and eager to invest in what you have to offer. 


Having clarity about your ideal client will simplify your life and focus your efforts. You’ll be able to choose the most effective ways to connect with your people instead of trying to do it all. No more spending hours and hours on every social media channel only to hear crickets on half of them.


Best of all, narrowing in on your ideal client will help you attract the kind of people you love working with and filter out the ones who aren’t a good match. One of your reasons for starting a business was getting to do work that you love, and the people you work with are a huge part of making that a reality.Imagine working only with the types of clients who make your heart beat a little faster!


Getting to know your ideal client will empower you to create a brand that people not only care about, but love. And having a brand that people love means huge long-term success for you and your business.


Over the next three weeks, we’re going to dive into how to define your ideal client and get really familiar with her. You can prepare by spending a few minutes thinking about the clients you’ve enjoyed working with the most and jot down what you loved about working with them. If no one comes to mind, that’s ok. Jot down some notes about what type of client you dream of.


Your action steps for the week:

  1. Make a list of your favorite clients.
  2. Jot down some notes about why you loved working with them.
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