How Brand Clarity Will Save Your Life

Running a business is seriously hard work. You’ve got your day-to-day operations to keep track of, your marketing to prepare, and your future to think of. There are always decisions to make and moves to plan. And it’s not like you get to check out at the end of the day and leave the office at the office. Work always follows you home no matter how hard you try.
It doesn’t help that things can often get confusing. There are tons of marketing gurus out there trying to tell you what you need to do. There’s a new change to one of your social media platforms every few months. Even putting together a simple flyer takes a hundred tiny decisions!
But navigating all this isn’t impossible and it doesn’t even have to be difficult. Knowing your business well is the key to running things smoothly. And that begins with Brand Clarity.
Here are three ways Brand Clarity can make running your business totally manageable:

    1. It will empower you to make good decisions quickly
      Should you be on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Vine, YouTube, or Snapchat? Should you share product photos, inspirational quotes, or pictures of your cat? Should you write in a professional tone or like you’re talking to your best friend? So many questions, and this only begins to cover one topic!
      As business owners, we have an overwhelming number of decisions to make. It doesn’t help that there seems to be an endless supply of options for each and every little facet of your business. Brand Clarity helps you see the bigger picture, and seeing the bigger picture keeps you from feeling paralyzed when you have to make a decision.
      Knowing your brand gives you vision and intention. Your next steps become clear and you can move purposefully toward your goals. When you know what your business stands for it’s easy to see whether Facebook or Snapchat fit with your brand and help you move in the right direction.


    1. It will help you reach your people.
      It’s not just about you and your business, though. Brand Clarity is also about the people you want to reach and serve. It’s about knowing what they care about, what they worry about, and how your business fits into their lives.
      Having brand clarity helps you see how you can meet real needs and make a difference. It helps you find the best way to reach the right people and share what you have to offer in a way that resonates with them. It helps you make the right impression and show that you understand them in a meaningful way.
      And when you speak with the authenticity, vision, and purpose that brand clarity brings, you’ll also start to build trust with your people. We all gravitate towards people and brands who know themselves and where they’re going.


  1. It will boost your confidence.
    Having Brand Clarity means you’re connected to your purpose and clear about your path. It means you’re able to make intentional decisions and take purposeful steps. And it means the dizzying tornado that your million and half ideas create in your brain is gone. All that translates into the confidence you need to take your business to the next level.
    When you’re confident about your business, you can do those things you’ve been too afraid to try. You can start charging what you’re worth, try that new social media platform, approach that promising lead, pitch that collaboration, and so much more! 


Knowing your brand fills everything you do with purpose. It aligns all your efforts so they all come together to move you towards your goals. And it frees you to take bold and confident steps, knowing that even if you take a wrong turn, you have a clear road map to find your way back.

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