How to Discover the Why Behind your Brand

One of my favorite parts of the Brand Clarity process is helping creative business owners uncover their why.


Your why is the purpose behind your business. It’s the bigger optimistic underlying motivation behind everything you do. It’s the change you’re wanting to create for your clients, your community, and even the world.


If that sounds daunting, you’re not alone. We all struggle with our why in some way, and it’s not always an easy thing to pinpoint.


A lot of us start businesses to create the life we want, so it seems like our only motivation is completely self-centered.


But think about it this way. You started your specific business for a reason. You chose this business over every other option out there.


You’re not selling insurance or knocking on doors to pitch expensive vacuum cleaners. You’re not trying get-rich-quick schemes or signing up for pyramids.


You chose the harder route of building up your very own brand around doing something creative. And even if you’re not sure exactly why you chose the thing you chose, believe me… there’s a deeper purpose behind it.


Getting in touch with that purpose, with your why, is a huge step toward Brand Clarity. Knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing can shed light on your brand values, your ideal client, and fill your story with meaning.


And it can make a big difference in other areas of your business too. When you’re clear about your purpose, you can make decisions that take your business where you really want it to go, that align with what you’re about, that position your brand where you want it positioned. And you can make those decisions with confidence and take those steps with certitude.


When you’re clear about your why, you have the key to drawing your strongest supporters. Your deeper purpose has crazy potential to deeply resonate with your ideal client and connect with your people.


And, yes, findinding your why can take a little bit of digging. It might be so deeply ingrained that you don’t see it yet or even realize it’s there. But the digging is so worth it! It fills all your work with meaning, even the mundane tasks.


I want to help you get clear about your why so you can benefit from knowing the purpose of your business and use that bit of clarity to grow this wonderful thing you’ve been working so hard on. I want you to see your next steps and step into those decisions confidently, knowing that they’re completely aligned with your deepest goals.


These are four questions I use to help my clients (and myself) unearth the why behind their brand:

What motivated you to start this specific business?

Like I mentioned earlier, there’s a reason you started this business instead of selling insurance. And let’s be real. Chances are you could be making a quicker buck doing something else. Something more traditional. So what was it about this specific business that drew you in? Why did you choose this route over all the other possibilities?

What keeps you going on the hardest days?

When the kids are feeling extra needy, the living room looks like it’s been through hell, you forgot to eat lunch, and there are still 40 things on your to-do list before you even get time to work on your business… What motivates you to still sit at your desk at the end of the day instead of just crashing into bed?

What makes you passionate about what you do?

You light up when you talk about your business and what you do. You get excited to share your story with a like-minded friend who you know just gets it. But, why? What is it about your business that lights you up like that? Why does it excite you? Where does that passion come from?


What do you want your clients to walk away with?

Your business is built around the people who support you and pay for what you offer. And being a mindful heart-led business owner, you care about their experience and the role you play in their lives. So what are you really offering your clients, beyond the obvious physical product or service you sell? What do you hope they feel at the end? How do you want to help them?



These four questions are a great starting point when you’re trying to find the purpose behind your brand. After jotting down your first answers, I recommend going back and asking “why?” at least two more times.


So if you started your business because you like painting, ask yourself, “Why do I like painting?” And keep asking “Why?” until you run out of answers.


That’s how you get to the core of your purpose and to the bigger mission behind the brand you’re building.
And if you need a little help unearthing your why, I’d love to help! I’m now offering 60-minute Brand Clarity Coaching Session where I’ll guide you through gaining clarity around whichever part of your brand foundation you’re struggling with. Click the link below for full details!

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