Behind the Scenes: My First Branding Workshop!

It’s been busy over here! Between taking my website back from hackers, wrapping up a branding project, and teaching my first branding workshop… well, it’s been a little crazy.

But I wanted to pop in this morning to share a major win with you. I mentioned casually before, but, oh my goodness!!! I taught my first branding workshop!

Build your Brand Foundation Workshop

Teaching a branding workshops was always part of my vision for Wild Olive. But for whatever reason, I was convinced I had to wait several years to start making them happen. It hit me in the fall that there was really no reason to wait, and so I started planning.

Build your Brand Foundation WorkshopThis first workshop was really about testing and figuring out how to turn my one-on-one Brand Clarity process into a group experience. I wanted to see if I could turn the 46 page workbook that I help my clients complete over a 2 week period into a value packed 2 hour experience.

Build your Brand Foundation WorkshopIt was a bit of a challenge, but we covered all four modules in the short time frame. Everyone left with a clearer sense of what they do and why it matters, their ideal client, their place in the market, and how their goals play into their branding.

Build your Brand Foundation WorkshopI had an amazing group of women who were graciously willing to be a part of the experiment and I cannot express how thankful I am for their support. They were not only supportive of me and my vision, but also of each other.

Build your Brand Foundation WorkshopI love that everyone was willing to share their story and struggles and really open up to the group. And the response was always supportive and encouraging and empowering. The best part of it all was bringing these women together and watching them connect and start friendships.


Plans for the next Build your Brand Foundation workshop are already in the works!

If you’re in the Salem, Oregon area and would like to attend, please leave a comment¬†so I know to include you in the early bird round of invitations.


A special thank you goes out to Susie Moreno, who came all the way down from Portland to cheer me on and donate her amazing photo skills. Love you, chica!

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