8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making any Brand Change

After all this talk about consistency, you might be wondering if it’s ever ok to make any changes to your brand. Is it ever ok to try a new color scheme? Is it ever ok to switch to a new marketing plan? And is it ever ok to do something drastic, like change your actual product completely?

Consistency is the key to building a strong brand that moves you toward your goals. But your business is also constantly evolving, and that means your brand should be growing along with it. Some change should happen eventually.

Here at Wild Olive, I’ve been gearing up for some pretty big changes. You may have heard a few hints if you follow me on Instagram. Not only am I expanding my ideal client profile to include a wider variety of entrepreneurs, I’ve also been working on a new set of offerings that will make Brand Clarity and purposeful design accessible to more small businesses.

Changing my core product and one of the foundational parts of my brand is no small thing. And, truth be told, it makes me a little nervous. But it’s been well planned out and deep down I know it’s the right thing for my brand. It feels like a natural progression, not a knee-jerk reaction.

And that’s the secret to making changes that stay on brand and move your forward. They have to be thought out and planned, not just a shot in the dark. There should be a strong valid reason behind each one.

A change to your brand should never be done on a whim or just because you’re bored with your colors. Ask yourself these 10 questions to make sure you’re making purposeful changes to your brand:

  1. Why do I want to make this change?
    If you can’t articulate why you want to make a change right away, that’s ok. It doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t a good purpose behind it. Give it a little time and think about it some more. See if you can find the underlying reason for this tweak or transformation.

  3. Is this going to solve a problem?
    You should eventually come to a reason that’s clear and well defined. And it should go beyond feelings of boredom or some vague “It’s just time for a change.” Ideally, the change you want to make solves a problem that you or your clients have been running into. It doesn’t have to be huge or elaborate issue, but any change should bring some kind of improvement to your business.

  5. Have I given the current solution enough time?
    Some results of good branding can take a while to see. Brand recognition, building an audience, gaining trust, and establishing yourself as an authority all take a good amount of time. You don’t want to change things up before giving them enough time to do their thing. Patience is key. Make sure you’re not rushing to make changes without giving things the time they need to work.

  7. Is this aligned with my brand values?
    Your brand values are the foundation of your business and brand. They’re the summary of everything you stand for, everything you want to accomplish, and everything your ideal client loves about you. If the changes you want to make are in line with your brand values, they’re more likely to feel like a natural path of growth.

  9. How is my ideal client going to feel about this?
    Branding is about communicating who you are in a way that resonates with the people you want to reach. Any change you make is going to affect how your ideal client perceives your business. Make sure it’s something that makes sense to them, makes them feel more connected to you, or makes their experience of your brand better.

  11. Will this help me reach my goals?
    Whatever your unique version of success looks like, everything you do in your business should be helping you get there. Make sure this change is a step toward your goals and not a diversion or pointless detour. Any changes should help you move purposefully toward your goals.

  13. What would happen if I didn’t make this change?
    Even if you’ve planned every detail out, making changes involves some risk. It’s gonna take time and work and maybe even some money to switch things up. There’s no knowing for sure how your ideal client is going to react. Make sure the change you want to make is really necessary and worth the risk.

  15. How am I going to introduce this to my audience?
    I can’t stress how important planning is. Your audience is used to whatever you’ve been doing up until this change. You don’t want to shock them, confuse them, or lose them along the way. A big reveal is hardly ever a good idea. Think about how you can prime and prepare your people for whatever change you’re going to make.


So, in short, the answer is yes, you can totally make changes to your brand. As long as they’re thoughtful and purposeful and you’re aware of how they’re going to affect the impression you make. Changing any part of your brand should be a careful business decision, not a wild guess or complete gamble.

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