30 Minute Brand Clarity Check-In

Brands are just like people. They’re always growing, changing, and evolving. Chances are, your brand is not in the exact same place it was last January.


Maybe you added new offerings, expanded to serve a new set clients, or changed your pricing. Whatever growth and progress you made in the last year, now is the perfect time to take a step back and conduct a mini brand audit so you can start the year with clarity.


Having clarity about your brand means you’ll be able to tackle those goals you set with confidence and direction. You’ll be able to see the bigger picture behind everything you do. And that will keep you motivated and moving in the right direction!


I know a brand audit can sound a little scary. But it’s really just about checking in and reconnecting with the pieces that work together to form your brand. It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than a quick journaling session.  


Here are some questions to guide you in a mini brand audit. Set aside 30 minutes, grab your dearest notebook, and head to your favorite coffee shop. You’ll come back feeling refreshed, reconnected, and ready to tackle to the new year!


What do I do?

Let’s start by getting clear about what you offer. It may seem like an overly simple place to start, but what your business actually does can change over time. So, are you still offering exactly the same thing you did last year? What changes have you made to what you actually do? And how does that compare to what you want to do in the coming year?


Action step: Take a look at the goals and projects you’ve laid out for the year. Are they aligned with your offerings and the direction you want to take them in?


Why does it matter?

The next most important thing to get clear about is your why. You started your business with a bigger purpose in mind, but that underlying motivation can evolve too. What difference are you trying to make in your clients’ lives, your community, and the world? Why should your ideal client care about what you offer?


Action step: Use your why to narrow in on 3-5 value words. Keep them near your desk to guide everything you do.  


Who is my ideal client?

Your ideal client represents real people, and real people are always growing. Plus, it’s very likely that you’ll change your mind about who you want to work with along your journey. Do you still love working with the same people or is it time to redefine your ideal client?


Action step: If you’re sticking with the same ideal client, do a little research to see if anything about them has changed.


If you’re focusing on a new ideal client, set aside some time to create a new ideal client profile.


Who do I want to fit in with?

People are going to group your business with other brands, but you can take control of who your ideal client associates you with. So ask yourself what brands you want to fit in with. Who do you look up to and why? What do they all have in common?


Action step: See if you can identify a tone you can tap into and share with these brands. Make plans to align your copy and visuals to that tone.


Where am I headed?

You’ve probably been thinking about goals non-stop since late November and have a clear picture of what you want to accomplish over the next year. What is the big overarching vision for your business? And how can you leverage you brand to help you get there? What changes, upgrades, and refreshes will you need to make?


Action step: Brainstorm ways you can use branding to help you reach your goals. Be realistic about the help you’ll need and make a plan for finding the right support.



January is a great time to check in on your brand and make sure it’s helping you get where you want to go.  

How has your brand changed since last year?

And what changes are you planning for the next 12 months?

Tell me in the comments!

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