How to Set Up Your Own Opt-In Quiz

How To Set Up Your Own Opt-In Quiz

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In my last blog post, I talked your ear off about my new(ish) opt-in quiz. I told you all about the many reasons why I decided to set up a quiz and how the whole thing aligns with the vision I have for my brand and business.   If you didn’t catch that post, you can find it here: Why I set up an Opt-In Quiz   In this post, I want to show you all the behind-the-scenes steps I took to set this thing up so that if you want to set up a quiz of your own, you […]

Why I Set Up an Opt-In Quiz

Why I set up an Opt-In Quiz

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Last month, I finally launched something I’ve been working on for months: the Brand Clarity Quiz!   Over the last two years, I’ve experimented with several different opt-in offers. Everything from printable art, to checklists and planners and workbooks.   Nothing really worked as well as I thought it would. And nothing really sparked joy — even in me.   I can’t remember when exactly the idea for an opt-in quiz hit me… but I know that when it did I was instantly excited. I knew I could make it work. And more importantly, I knew it would be super […]

massage therapy branding: Peaceful Connections Branding Case Study

Case Study: Peaceful Connections Sensitive Massage

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When Emily Waugh of Peaceful Connections shared her mission to use massage therapy to help the elderly population in her community, I just knew we had to work together. She had a vision of providing both physical comfort and emotional companionship to a group of people who often feel forgotten and ignored. Who suffer both from physical ailments and social isolation.   I could see how passionate she was about working with this group of people. Her sincerity and genuine care beamed in every word she spoke. I could tell her work was already impacting many and I wanted to […]

What to do when you're at a crossroads

What to do when you’re at a crossroads

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Here’s my personal update for the week: I’ve been feeling stuck.   Like, really, really stuck.   Maybe it’s the repressed social justice warrior in me starting to regain strength. Where do I begin?   Maybe it’s the cultural background I’ve been trying to hide making it’s way back to the forefront. Can I still be successful?   Maybe it’s the baby growing in my womb. Everything’s going to change.   I feel like I’m at a crossroads, but not one of the neat tidy ones where you have to pick from two options.   No. This crossroads feels more like the tangled […]

Revisited: The Creative Entrepreneur’s Quick Guide to Taking Time Off

Revisited: The Creative Entrepreneur’s Quick Guide to Taking Time Off

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  Here’s the truth. All those “When you’re doing what you love, it doesn’t feel like work,” quote graphics on Pinterest straight up lie.   The truth is, work is work whether you love it or not.   I love branding and design and even the boring business-building stuff. But you know what? It still feels like work because it is work.   It is work to wake up before my daughter every morning. It is work to write newsletters and blog posts and Instagram captions. It is work to answer emails and hop on video chats and follow up. And it is definitely work to strategize with clients and […]

How to talk about your business with clarity

How to talk about your business with clarity

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Has anything like this ever happened to you? You’re at a networking event or conference… or even a family get-together, when someone asks a simple, “So, what do you do?”   And you freeze. You forget everything.   Or you blurt out tons of unorganized information and keep talking and talking even though you know you sound confusing as hell.   I’ve so been there! And I’ve coached a bunch of small business owners through this same struggle. Because a lot of us– and I mean a lot— stumble for words when this question comes up.   It’s not that we […]

The Startup Funnel Strategist Case Study

Case Study: The Startup Funnel Strategist

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When Katie Callaghan of The Startup Funnel Strategist and I met, she was ready to completely rebrand and refocus her copywriting business. After several years working with coaches and creative entrepreneurs, she felt that it was time to dive into a new niche market.   Katie’s background in sales and conversion copywriting gave her a unique mix of skills that blends emotional connection and data-driven strategy. And she saw the perfect opportunity to put all that to use in the startup world.   But in order to break into this new niche, she knew she needed a professional image that […]

Case Study: Serenity Bodyworks & Massage

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Betsy Schantz started Serenity Bodyworks and Massage out of a desire to have a business of her own and a passion for helping others. She loved the idea of working in a calm and relaxing atmosphere and sharing that space with others. Ultimately, she wanted to be able to pour into others so they could pour into their people and communities.   When we first met, Betsy had just changed the name and location of her business. Under her first business name, she’d offered a lot of coupons and discounts to get people in the door. And while that had […]

How to find your brand values in 4 steps + a free worksheet!

How to find your brand values in 4 steps

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In our personal lives, our values guide us in every interaction we have and every decision we make. They are our most dearly held beliefs and they’re a big part of what defines you as a person.   Brand values are no different.   Your brand values are a set of 3-5 powerful words that summarize what your brand (and business) is all about. They serve as an easy but meaningful reminder of everything your business stands for and help set its tone and direction.   They’re at the foundation of everything you do in your business – the way […]

5 Design Mistakes you want to avoid

5 Design Mistakes You Want to Avoid

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Maybe I’m a little weird, but I’ve always loved unpacking after a move. It seems like I always rediscover some long-forgotten treasure.   Our move this spring didn’t disappoint… I found a bunch of my old design school projects.   And to be completely honest, it was a little embarrassing.   Because even though I would love to believe I was born a design genius, the truth is I was not. Not even close.   Those old design school projects were a good humbling reminder of where it all began. Of all the design mistakes I made in those early […]